Moscow Moon

Moscow Moon

Over 800 years ago, Mother Russia bestowed upon the world the gift of distilling vodka. Unfortunately, she did not give away the (much guarded) secret of producing masterful, mystical, unparalleled, Russian Vodka.

Welcome to Moscow Moon Nights, the world’s finest, smoothest, genuine Russian Vodka. Moscow Moon Nights was developed preserving the original Russian secrets of distillation successfully merging the modern advanced technologies of vodka production.

While most countries, including America, distill vodka from bountiful ordinary grain, which results in a neutral blend spirit with no apparent characteristics or personality, ultra premium Moscow Moon Nights is distilled from wheat that is only grown in the ecologically pure areas of Russia. Three-step water purification gives crystal clearness at the output plus mineral enhancement.

Moscow Moon Nights Gold is non-aged and is exceptionally clean to the palate with a gentle hint of wheat characteristic.

Tasting Notes: Spicy, grainy nose with some alcohol heat. On the palate there is some nice grain character and a medium spicy alcohol note. Medium bodied and medium spicy.

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