CROCTAILS® award winning flavors are packaged in a 375mL pouch with youthful, fun and attractive graphics, plus a 375mL wide-mouth bottle that is ideal for any retail store. The pouch is shaped, and comes with a straw making the product easily accessible either for drinking through the straw or zipping the top and pouring into a glass. The wine-based formulation allows BluTango to target a very broad audience reaching wine & beer distribution networks that sell into grocery stores and “C” Stores, plus other more traditional retail outlets. The 9.9% alcohol level is a significant point of difference for CROCTAILS® when compared with other brands that offer 5 – 6% alcohol by volume, this change provides a stronger RTD (Ready to Drink) cocktail with a taste profile closer to that one would expect from its traditional spirit-based counter-part. The CrocTAILS brand name is a registered in over 100 countries worldwide, so our market opportunities are signification for International sales opportunities.  With ” Extra Snap ”

Product excellence is the key goal of our CROCTAILS® branding. To meet that goal, we use real fruit juice, natural sugar and other high-quality natural ingredients in all our formulations. Our efforts to offer superior quality have paid off handsomely; Sweet Tea Lemonade has won 2 national awards for both taste and quality of beverage, plus we have won numerous other awards for other flavor profiles that CROCTAILS® offers.